SnapSaves; Another great way to save on groceries.

(Please click on image.)

(Please click on image.)

So I wanted to share another great way to save money each week with your cell phone or your computer and a digital camera. SnapSaves is a website (and free app on your smartphone) where you can save money on products you buy at the grocery store anyway. Another way to earn money is a $1 for each friend or familiy member who signs up under your link. If you do have a smartphone I recommend downloading the app because you get bonus offers for using it rather than just through their website.

You can order a cheque when your account reaches $20 or you can hold off for a higher amount if you like. You need to upload a photo of your receipt (purchased in the last 48 hours and/or a selected date range) with one or more of the items on offer. Once it’s been processed (takes 20 mins to a few hours typically) it will be applied to your account.

It may take a couple practice runs if your receipt is long and you have to upload multiple photos in sequence but once you get the hang of it it’ll be worth it I promise. An example of the savings I’ll be grabbing on my next grocery trip looks like:       

  • $1.00 for any grocery bill over $50 (Bonus App Offer)
  • $1.00 for Stouffer’s regular frozen dinner (All Varieties & Bonus App Offer)
  • $1.00 for Stouffer’s Bistro frozen dinners (All Varieties & Bonus App Offer)
  • $1.00 for Lean Cuisine Selections frozen dinners (All Varieties & Bonus App Offer)
  • $1.00 for Lean Cuisine Fresh frozen dinners (All Varieties)
  • $1.00 for Nordica Cottage Cheese
  • $1.00 for Lysol Disinfectant Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • $1.00 for Panebello Pizza (All Varieties)
  • $1.00 for Planters Lightly Sea-Salted Deluxe Mixed Nuts
  • $2.00 for Tetley English Breakfast Tea 60s
  • $2.00 for Tetley Pure Ceylon Tea 60s

Those were probably a little over half of the total offers available on my app, the only ones I was interested in. Don’t feel like you need to do each offer unless you really want the product or will add it to a gift for someone else. You can also use coupons in store to sometimes double or triple your savings. If you search through flyers to scope out the best prices on these offer it can reduce the cost even further to as a little as less than a dollar or even better… FREE!!!! 🙂

If I get seven people to sign up under my referral link above then I will reach my goal of $20 for the week. If I average this each month then I will be saving $80 per month. That’s another $960 per year or a nice vacation somewhere south in the spring!! So if you haven’t signed up already please click on the image above for my referral link.





One of my Top Rewards Programs; Shoppers Optimum!!

I just had to show everyone what I found when I checked my optimum points balance online today!!!! So excited I can’t even contain myself 🙂

I’ve earned just under 75,000 Shoppers Optimum points (approx. $135) in just 21 days 😀

I spent at total of $150.91 ($224.45 – $50 Shoppers Gift Card purchased to get the 500 points and then used on the subsequent purchase – $23.54 my boyfriend went in on one of the bonus event from an exclusive email promo.)

Thanks to switching my bank account from my regular RBC account to a Shoppers Optimum account. I haven’t been doing anything different other than buying my groceries there (which I also saved approx. 50% on each receipt by using coupons and matching with flyer promotions.)My inbox also receives coupons and regular updates to let me know when 20x events are plus added points incentives for purchasing certain products. That being said I did not participate in every offer. In fact I probably only participated in a quarter of the promos offered to me. I don’t feel I spent any more than I normally do on groceries or personal care items in the last 3 weeks.

Keep in mind there was a huge bonus for switching my payroll over so if you took that bonus out it would have been just under $25,000 Shoppers Optimum points, still worth $30. If I average that over the next year and continue to do so each month then that’s a total savings of $360 each year after this one (not including my in store savings from the coupons I use). But I’ll be getting even more than that because I will also be watching out for the bonus redemption events where instead of the usual $170 off I could get I believe up to $225 off for redeeming 95,000 points!!

My Christmas Shopping just got a whole lot cheaper 😀

Very Successful Shoppers Trip :)

Saved $59.66 plus earned 8000 Optimum points ($10)

Saved $59.66 plus earned 8000 Optimum points ($10)

So I just wanted to brag about how much I love Shoppers and their Optimum Rewards Program. I always get emails with coupons for accumulating more points. This trip I earned 8000 ($10 worth of points) just for spending $30 or more on food and snacks. Of course, I saved the majority of my money buying leftover candy from Halloween.

You can add $10 to the total savings at the bottom of this receipt if you count the points value earned this trip.  Shopping for points is something I enjoy doing and it’s been the best way to earn free stuff for buying the things you were going to anyway.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Shoppers Optimum deals and points events as well as a few other great rewards programs I belong to!!

Swagbucks – FREE gift cards for doing regular online activities

(Click Banner to start earning FREE Swagbucks)

(Click Banner to start earning FREE Swagbucks)

One of the easiest ways to make ‘money’ online is by signing up for your FREE Swagbucks account. I’ve had a lot of success searching the internet and earning swagbucks to put towards gift cards from places like Amazon, Starbucks, Paypal, Facebook, just to name a few.

I tend to put a lot less time into trying to earn Swagbucks than I do trying to save money through couponing and price matching flyers. If you spend a lot of time searching the internet you may as well earn goodies while doing it right?

There are many activities you can do other than simply searching online to earn your gift cards. I’ve earned almost $20 in gift cards with minimal effort (only using a handful from the list below). The activities available include:

  • Searching
  • Swagbucks Toolbar
  • SBTV
  • Special Offers
  • Shop Online
  • Trusted Surveys
  • Trade Ins
  • Invite Friends
  • Swag Codes
  • Play Games
  • Sweepstakes

I will be adding more posts on my own tips and tricks about how I’ve earned my first $15 in Gift Cards.